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Test your English Language and Grammar Skills on-Line with our English Reading and Writing Test

The following on-Line English language test has been devised by BBSI to enable potential students to ascertain their current English language levels and study English in England at our English Language School and Business College in the south-coast resort of Bournemouth. We would emphasise that the test is designed as an approximate gauge only for the purposes of deciding which of our many English language courses, business English courses and specialised courses might be suitable for you to study. Once we know your test score, we will be in a position to provide you with appropriate advice.

This test contains 55 questions and tests all levels of English from Beginner to Advanced levels. You must complete all 55 questions and submit your result to BBSI and provide some indication as to your preferred course for study.  We will then respond to you and advise you accordingly. Good luck! We hope that you find the test enjoyable. It should not take you long to complete.

1. I a student from England.

2. There a park near my house.

3. He nine hours a day.

4. I read when I was four.

5. There is not milk in the fridge.

6. Buses are than taxis.

7. Everybody a mobile phone these days.

8. In summer, weather is generally warm.

9. I in Bournemouth since 1999.

10. You drink coffee before you go to bed if you want to sleep.

11. The computer invented in 1969.

12. He is the most famous person the World.

13. My girlfriend is the student in the class.

14. How long in Bournemouth?

15. She went to the shops some milk.

16. Carla loves her job, and over £30,000.00 per year.

17. She me that she was coming home for dinner.

Part 2 - Intermediate Level

18. He on holiday next week.

19. He worked hard, but with chance of success.

20. I need to hurry home to the dinner ready

21. I was away on business, I met an old school friend.

22. I hope to go jogging later, if the weather fine.

23. for an evening news broadcast takes all day.

24. As part of a survey, employers what they look for when interviewing candidates.

25. I cannot check my voicemail message I get home.

26. What´s your boss like? .

27. I really have to go. According to the flight schedule, my plane in two hours.

28 & 29. He the staff in March 2005, and he twice in the last two years.

30. She told me she several years ago.

31. The time you arrive at your Paris office will the traffic.

Part 3 - Upper-Intermediate Level to Advanced Level

32 & 33. She enjoys as part of her job, and if she a chance to work in the USA, she would accept.

34. I suggest you so formally for the interview.

35. You will soon get used English in an international group.

36 & 37. If only I to your advice, I a lot of money on travel insurance!

38. Thank you so much for giving me those lovely flowers! You really gone to the trouble.

39. She told me to complete my work, but I already .

40. I am terrified of dogs.

41. Tina´s sense of humour that I like.

42. Do you mind if I smoke?

43. In no circumstances leave before you finish the test.

44. afraid of spiders, I never go down to the cellar.

45. He was wearing a sweater.

46. I hate formal examinations – I get so nervous beforehand.

47. I have tried with the controls but I still can´t get the picture on the screen

48, 49 & 50. working long hours, she believes it is a job with good and is the best route to a job that will a higher salary.

51. I didn´t realise it was so late! It´s time I home.

52, 53, 54 & 55. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), also known as Doctors without Borders, is a non-profit making organisation that was in 1971. MSF believes that all people, whatever race religion or political beliefs, have a right medical care.