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Aviation English Training

BBSI offers tailored Aviation English training courses for pilots and ATCOs.  Our courses conform to ICAO guidelines and are structured to meet the precise requirements of individual sponsors.

Course Content & Structure
      General English.  The general English language elements aim to enhance confidence in all 4
      language skills through extensive practice. 

      Aviation English.  Training focuses on aviation language development in context. We include
      necessary elements of pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and 
      interaction.  In addition, we address standard, non-standard and unusual phraseology, 
      terminology and vocabulary.  Students examine case studies, where the use of incorrect 
      language either led to disaster, or exacerbated a dangerous situation. 

      Practice Activities.  Practice activities include: role-play, simulations, aircraft emergencies,
      bomb threats, alerts, contingency actions and special requests.  We also utilise case studies
      and study audio of actual incident and occurrence reports, where poor English, or use of 
      non-standard radio phraseology, was a contributing factor. 
      Specialised Content.  Specialist content includes a full inventory of events, domains and 
      sub-domains that characterise the day-to-day communications of air traffic controllers and 

      Functionality.   Emphasis is placed on speaking and listening skills, with continual practice in
      context.  We study authentic broadcasts and examples of aircraft emergencies that relate to 
      non-routine radio phraseology, unusual requests and aircraft incidents.
BBSI can arrange Aviation English testing at an external examining centre, upon request.  The test would incur an additional fee which is not included in the programme. 
BBSI Enrolment Details

Sponsors should contact BBSI with a Statement of Requirement, which must detail the number of course participants, their respective English-language skills levels, their respective aviation specialisations and the precise training objectives. BBSI will then respond in writing with a detailed, comprehensive and tailored training proposal.