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Training in International Diplomatic Protocol

BBSI can deliver specially tailored training in International Diplomatic Protocol for those employed in the Diplomatic and Intelligence Services, or for those involved generally with VIP protocol at government level.  Training is delivered in the medium of English, and focuses on International Diplomatic Protocol, Public Administration, Formal/Social Etiquette and Forms of Address, as well as the necessary management and professional communication skills required to function in an international role.
The course duration would depend on the English-language entry level of participants and previous experience levels; we recommend an initial Intermediate level of English which is equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or CEFR B2.  The training is normally offered for sponsored groups of trainees, but we can also offer training for individuals.  Courses can be planned either on a short-term intensive basis, or to supplement longer courses that include business or other professional topics. 

Training Topics. 
The course content and structure is tailored to meet clients' needs, with topics typically chosen from the following:

      *  diplomatic service organisation & function
      *  diplomatic communications

      *  ceremonial & protocol
      *  visits & delegations
      *  administrative functions
      *  conferences & meetings
      *  social etiquette
      *  forms of address
      *  facts, opinions & their presentation
      *  initialising, planning & controlling
      *  summaries, reports & appreciations
      *  international relations
      *  government-to-government communications
      *  international diplomacy
      *  background
      *  world politics
      *  world economics
      *  commercial factors
      *  interpol & international intelligence
      *  democratic processes
      *  international defence studies

Cultural & Professional Visits.  BBSI can provide a cultural and professional excursion programme which would be arranged upon request.  The excursions would include part-day and full-day visits to relevant places of interest.  The visit programme is integrated into the study programme, and provides valuable practical experience.   BBSI would take into account the programme requirements of the trainees and/or sponsor and then suggest professional excursions that would be relevant to the programme and the trainees.  All visits are, however, subject to availability.
Examples of visits that we have arranged for previous groups are as follows:

            Foreign & Commonwealth Office
            Banqueting Rooms, London
            Office of the Remembrancer, London
            The Guildhall, London 
            Cabinet War Rooms
            Buckingham Palace
            Houses of Parliament
            Bournemouth Local Authority & Borough Council
            Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Industry
            International Media Institutions
Social Programme.  Trainees are provided with the opportunity to participate in a varied social programme that allows trainees the chance to integrate with senior BBSI staff, other military and government trainees, and also the School´s international student body.   Some of the social events are free of charge, whilst others incur a fee. 

Enrolment Details.  Sponsors or trainees should contact BBSI with a Statement of Requirement, which should detail the following:
      *  number of trainees
      *  duration of training required & dates
      *  details of any language training requirements
      *  details of professional background & academic qualifications
      *  training objectives
      *  what specific aspects of diplomacy & protocol need to be covered
BBSI will then respond to sponsors in writing with a detailed, comprehensive and tailored training proposal and quotation.