English Language School and Business English College - learn Engish in England with BBSI

Welcome to Bournemouth Business School International

BBSI is an accredited English Language School that offers international students a range of English language coursesbusiness English courses, and Vocational training courses.  We also conduct University Foundation and Pre-Masters study programmes, together with tailored corporate training programmes.

BBSI offers international students a UK university placement service and, provided students obtain the required grades, they are assured of a university place prior to completion of their course.  BBSI is open throughout the year.

English Language Courses
BBSI offers English Language courses all year round at different language levels.  Students can enter a course at any time during the year.  Students can also prepare for and sit the IELTS [Academic] examination as well as various Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations.  Many students use English Language courses as a preparation for more specialised study at BBSI, such as a business course or a pre-university course. 

Business & Vocational Training
BBSI conducts a wide range of courses year round, including summer in popular subjects.  Students have an opportunity to acquire important academic and professional qualifications.  Subjects include management, businessmarketing, public relations (PR), financehospitality, tourism, law, science, mathematics and IT.  All courses include elements of English language.  You can find out if you have enough English for one of these courses by taking our online English test HERE

University Foundation & Pre-Masters' Courses
BBSI prepares many students each year to enter UK universities.  University Foundation and Pre-Masters' courses can be studied in a wide range of popular subjects.  Topics include management, business, marketing, public relations (PR), finance, hospitality, tourism, law, science, technology and IT.  All courses include IELTS preparation and study skills.  You can find out if you have enough English for one of these courses by taking our online English test HERE.  These courses usually take six months, but may take nine months if your language level is lower.
UK University Placement Service
BBSI provides a university placement service for international students who seek undergraduate and postgraduate entry to a UK university.  The service includes advice on suitability of courses and campuses, guidance on how to apply, introductions to staff at universities, study skills training, and advice on preparing for the IELTS examination.  Our aim is to ensure that all students are given the opportunity of the best possible place at university according to their academic ability and English-language level.      

Corporate Training Courses
BBSI offers a range of corporate training courses in the UK.  These courses are suitable for company employees or government employees.  They are available on a short-term or long-term basis i.e. from one week up to one year, and are designed for sponsored groups or individuals in fields such as diplomacy, logistics, aviation English, military English, management - HR, training, project and event management, and maritime English .  All courses are designed by BBSI and are conducted by arrangement.

Summer Courses
Summer is the perfect time to study in Bournemouth, as it is a seaside holiday resort.  Our summer courses can be from one to eight weeks' duration.  Students can study a range of English language courses, prepare for IELTS [Academic], or prepare for a Cambridge English examination.  Alternatively, students can choose to study from a range of business courses, or specialised courses, which can be a useful boost to their work or studies.  In their free time, students can participate in our Social and Activity Programme

BBSI offers a number of alternatives for accommodation.  Many students choose a homestay i.e. living with a local family, which can be either standard or executive level, and is the most effective way to improve your English outside the school.  We aim to find a family that matches your needs.  Alternatively, you may prefer to stay in one of our residences.  Some residences are like a campus residence, while others are more like a hotel.  It is also possible in some residences to book breakfast or dinner.  BBSI can also provide guidance on finding hotel accommodation or private rentals.